Chandrika Checchinato, called “Chan” is a resident of the virtual World “Second Life” since February the 23th, 2008.
After exploring the grid, meeting other residents and trying a lot of things, I figured out that taking photos is still my favorite…like it is in my “real life” too.
I am not a professional in photography or in photoshop, but I try my very best to do a good work and to get better and better.
So…my photos are often modified with photoshop or other graficprogramms. I will try my best to credit the things I am wearing or showing, but please check allways the vendor pics and try demos to see the items like they are.
I hope you love my photos and will support me on my new way with this blog!

Update by 11.11.2014:
I decided to give up the webside http://www.chandrika-checchinato.com for several reasons. Sadly I didn´t save my posts from there. Please look at my flickrstream to see at least the pics I made before giving up the webside and making this new blog here. Thanks for understanding.



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